Melody Bish, M.A., CSP

Melody Bish, M.A., CSP is an Advanced Masters Clinician at the CBT Center for Anxiety and OCD and has been working in the mental health field for over 25 years.  Melody has provided child, teen and adult treatment for clients with generalized anxiety, social anxiety, perfectionism, school refusal, and depression.  She has additional expertise in teaching executive functioning skills and social skills training. As a Certified School Psychologist, Melody has extensive experience conducted psychoeducational evaluations for individuals with academic, social and emotional concerns and is especially adept at assisting clients in navigating various educational systems.  Melody works from a consultation model by involving parents, teachers and counselors, when appropriate, to ensure that the entire system is working in her client’s best interest. 


Melody has worked in various mental health counseling and research positions since. While at the University of New Mexico Center for Family and Adolescent Research, Melody conducted individual and group therapy for adolescents. Additionally, Melody has worked at the University of Maryland at Baltimore providing evidence-based group therapy to dually diagnosed adults. She has provided individual therapy to adolescents on the short-term inpatient unit of Sheppard and Enoch Pratt Hospital. Early in her career Melody provided one-on-one, direct behavioral support to children and adolescents with anxiety, mood disorders and Autism Spectrum Disorder. Melody has received training in a number of evidence-based treatments, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP), and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).  


Melody is an Adjunct Professor of the Psychology Department at Ursinus College, where she has taught Introduction to Psychology and Abnormal Psychology.  She has co-authored multiple research publications and conference presentations within the field of psychology.


Melody quickly and easily engages with her clients. She is a relatable, down to earth person who often uses humor to put clients of all ages at ease.  Melody is especially adept at breaking down motivational and systemic barriers to successful treatment. She has a positive energy that is engaging, helping clients to find the drive they need to tackle their anxiety and distress.  For her own relaxation and fun Melody loves to spend time with her family of four, watching movies and playing pickleball and golf.  Their house is also filled with the love and enjoyment of their four dogs and two cats.



  • School Psychology Certification, Eastern University, St. Davids, PA
  • M.A. in Experimental Psychology, Townson University, Townson, MD 
  • B.S. in Psychology, York College, York, PA