New Patients

The CBT Center for Anxiety and OCD is highly-regarded for its successful work with children and adolescents of all ages.  Our clinicians are specially trained to understand and appreciate the cognitive, emotional and developmental needs of children.  We collaborate with parents to teach them different ways of supporting their child with anxiety and OCD.


Family involvement is an important part of your child’s success. Parents are involved in treatment whether it is to check-in for a brief period during the session, or to participate for the entire session.  Session structure is determined collaboratively between the clinician, parent and child.


The CBT Center for Anxiety and OCD offers professional development for mental health professionals and educators, on the most effective Cognitive Behavioral treatment strategies for anxiety disorders.

Together, We'll Collaborate on Strategies.

Our team of experts will coach you and your child on the strategies that will be most effective.

Every Person is Unique.

Therapy is tailored to meet individual developmental and learning styles.

Improving the Quality of Your Life.

We will teach you the skills you need to overcome your struggle with compassion and experience.

What Our Patients are Saying 

The treatment worked. I got my life back.

– Dani

I'd been struggling for years with no success. I finally had hope.

– Bob

I saw improvement in my child within a few weeks.

– Sarah

I don't know where I'd be without this treatment.

– Josh

No one has ever understood me like this before.

– Dan

She is the best therapist I have ever seen.

– Steve